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Steven van 't Veld is an independent principal (enterprise) information architect. He works as consultant and coach for a number of organisations and teaches his masterclass (MBA-level) on (enterprise) information architecture regularly. He writes columns, articles and speaks at congresses and seminars etc. regularly.

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Main issues in today's Information- and IT-sector:

  • Issue 1: IT is going "under the hood".
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  • February 9th, 2007: Retained Organisation: IT-hype or real next step?

    As indicated by, for instance, the research-paper Executive Summary: The Retained Organisation the role and activities of the retained organisation after outsourcing is crucial for the success of the outsourcing. Difficult? Not at all... as long as your organisation is able to make a real shift of paradigm. IT-centered thinking will have to make way for information-centered thinking, a move from (IT-)supply side to (information-)demand side. A shift that moves out of the window of thinking and working of IT-vendors (softwarehouses, systemhouses and IT-consultancy companies).

    With large consequences, because demand-side thinking will develop knowledge necessary to really understand what is going on in IT and its added value. Experience shows this knowledge is the way to really achieve cost reduction, where factors of 2 or 3 are not uncommon. Because this reduction in cost will involve real cuts in the turnover of IT-vendors it is really in their interest to prevent this movement as long as possible.

    Developing the right knowledge at demand-side is not difficult. Even better: most of it is already available! But it does need a real shift in thinking and working, a shift outside the world of IT-vendors.

    One more step: developing real knowledge of information at demand-side is necessary in every organisation, not just in the organisation that is necessary to manage outsourced IT. The knowledge is crucial in every kind of sourcing.

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General statements and observations

  1. Information is a corporate resource, IT is a means (a capital good).
  2. Do not outsource what you could not do yourself.
  3. Organisations ought to minimize the data they keep, and maximize their information.
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